Thursday 31 October 2013

Mississauga Short Term Rental Apartments

Whether You Are On A Vacation Or Thinking Of Relocating, Mississauga Short Term Rental Apartments are A Great Option To Enjoy With Style!

For those who can’t compromise on comfort and convenience and are on the lookout for a luxurious stay within an affordable price tag, Mississauga short term rental apartments are a blessing. Located in the heart of the city with easy access to all the hip and trendy spots in the metropolitan locale, our Mississauga short term rental apartments are ideal to relax, unwind and enjoy the true essence of Canada!

Be it corporate trips or extended vacations, you can’t go wrong with an affordable and comfortable stay at our Mississauga short term rental apartments, where you can enjoy round the clock services, exclusive facilities and amenities, high end décor and furnishings and top class safety and security. Sporting a perfect location to boot, you can explore the amazing city of Mississauga and check out all the cultural, architectural and entertainment highlights that the city has to offer.

Why Choose Mississauga Short term rental apartments for Corporate Visits?

Business trips, be it week long or stretching to months, require a sound, safe and quiet environment. Cozy, stylish and comfortable with exclusive services meant for corporate clients, our Mississauga short term rental apartments are designed keeping in mind your corporate engagements.   Guests can go for furnished rental apartments in Mississauga, complete with all modern facilities that including high speed internet, cable TV, fully equipped kitchen and en-suite laundry, swimming pool and gym, high end security system and underground parking.

Mississauga Short Term Rental Apartments for Families and Vacations

Bring a homey and convenient feel to your vacation in Mississauga and discover home-like environment while you are on holiday! With a classy décor, stylish ambience, 24/7 modern services and facilities and world-class amenities – a vacation in Mississauga is worth the stay when you spend your time at our luxury Mississauga short term rental apartments.


Tuesday 29 October 2013

What to Do in Mississauga

Mississauga is one of the best locations in the whole of Canada to reside in. Whether you are on a short term vacation or planning for a long term stay, Mississauga is one of those cities in the world where there is something for everyone.

From the best entertainment choices to breathtaking scenery, the city of Mississauga is rich in cultural, architectural and natural ambience. Add to it the allure of a modern lifestyle while you enjoy your stay at a luxury short term rental in Mississauga and you just got yourself a winning deal!

Wondering what are the top spots that you must check out when you visit Mississauga? The following list will help you out:

For Nature Lovers

Natural beauty is one of the top highlights of Mississauga. While enjoying your stay at our aesthetically furnished apartment in Mississauga   you can gaze out at the spell-binding scenery as well as the amazing skyline. Spend your evenings hiking at the various parks and trails around the city, or enjoy a fulfilled picnic with your family. The Credit Village Marina and Lakefront Marina are also must visits because of their striking beauty.

For Sports Lovers

Fitness centers like the Hershey SportZone are amazing places to work, relax and enjoy! There are various golf courses, tennis courts and skating rinks as well which will keep you occupied and entertained throughout your stay. For children, the Playdium is a safe and fun destination where tiny tots can spend hours playing and learning!

For Art Lovers

The Bradley Museum, Benares Historic House, Art Gallery of Mississauga and Living Arts Centre are all top picks when it comes to art and cultural significance in Mississauga.

For Food Lovers

Foodies will find ultimate solace in this beautiful location because it’s brimming with diverse culinary choices from around the globe! Dine with style at upscale restaurants like Alfredo’s and Breakwater or enjoy a cozy meal at the various cafes, bars and restaurants scattered across the city!

Tuesday 30 April 2013